You Have More Control Over Your Pain Than You Realize…

...Because You Have TOTAL Control Over Your Thoughts

Discover How to Tap Into the Power of Your Mind to Heal and Live a Life with Less Pain and Suffering.

A Live 7-week Online Program

With Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS

“As a pharmacist I can tell you that pain can destroy a person’s life, but so can pain
medications, which have the potential to be very, very addictive. Dr. Joe Tatta’s expertise
and program is a godsend and a blessing to so many patients because he teaches them
how to resolve their pain naturally.”

Dr. Izabella Wentz

The Pain Relief Solution You Seek... Is Already Within You

Have you have been stuck on the conveyor belt of repeated tests, medications and surgeries without relief?

Or maybe people have stopped believing what you’re saying is true.

I believe your pain is real.
You are not broken…

I know you’re not faking it, exaggerating, have a “mental illness” or are a drug seeker.

You are a pain-relief seeker!

It happens to us in many areas of our lives. We search here, there, and everywhere for answers outside ourselves to our most pressing challenges, only to realize the solution we seek is inside us.

This may be hard to believe when your chronic pain prevents you from picking up your grandkids, or from participating in your favorite activities.

It may sound unbelievable when severe pain has left you unable to dance, carry your groceries up the stairs, or enjoy a walk with your dog.

Maybe you’ve been told your pain is just part of the aging process. Or that your only option is to take aspirin or prescription medications that give you brain fog and cause never-ending heartburn.

Worse yet, maybe you’ve been told by medical professionals there’s no solution for you …which has left you feeling depressed, or abandoned by the healthcare system …with no hope in sight.

But, is this really the life you want to keep living?

What If You Knew with Certainty You Could Live with Less Pain?

What if I told you that you have more power over your pain than you think – because you have total control over your mind and thoughts.

I’m not saying the pain is in your head. You’re not imagining it.

It’s not psychogenic or psychological!

Your pain is very real. Pain is complex…

but there is HOPE, and people do care!

If you have ever wondered, “Why am I still hurting?”, then you’ve realized pain affects your mood, your mind, and even your spirit.

The truth is pain is filtered through your brain.

In fact, pain is an output of your brain 100% of the time — no matter what type of pain you have.

And since your brain is the organ responsible for processing pain, then the way to reverse your pain is through your thoughts and emotions.

The good news is that regardless of the cause of your pain, there is hope. Because I can teach you how to leverage the natural power of your mind to reverse your pain.

Now, imagine you could…
  • Learn strategies to stop unwanted thoughts and think clearly
  • Reduce or eliminate the chronic pain in your body
  • Experience less fear of movement, less anxiety, and more joy
  • Reach a place of calm and peace with less stress
  • Resume a healthy, active, lifestyle with less pain
  • Get to the root cause of your pain and solve it – instead of treating symptoms
  • Eliminate the need for pain medications
  • Sleep more sound and wake up refreshed and energized

It might sound too good to be true. And you may think you’d have to spend time (and money!) with an expensive specialist to address your pain problems.

But here’s the truth: you can do it all from home, and still receive the support you deserve.

I’ll show you how, but first, I want to ask you another question…

What would you do with your day if you didn’t have to suffer with chronic aches and pains?

Would you exercise more? Maybe cook more meals? Or perhaps you’d visit with your friends or family more. You could even have the energy and ability to play with your kids or grandkids.

You can do this. You can have this life …without having to continually take pills, or undergo surgery or injections.

Your Natural Solution – The Reverse Pain
Method 7-Week Program

My LIVE seven-week program, The Reverse Pain Method, harnesses the power of
your mind to heal, and taps into the reasons for your chronic pain: the …

  • Persistent stresses
  • Negative thoughts
  • Unwanted emotions
  • Habitual behaviours not serving you
  • Negative beliefs about pain and recovery
  • Myths you’ve been told…

that might be holding you back from the pain-free lifestyle you used to live.

This program will explain and help you manage the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. These are the important details no one has taken the time to explain to you.

That’s finally about to change.

I’ll guide and support you, and help you put together a mental toolbox that enables you to reverse your symptoms.

Your thoughts influence your emotions– your thoughts influence your actions– and your thoughts influence your physical well-being– including your pain.

Often these thoughts are automatic and not necessarily obvious in your immediate consciousness, but they have a profound impact on your pain.

Now, I understand how this might sound like new information you’ve never heard before. After all, you’ve tried everything to get rid of this pain, and you’ve seen all the “specialists.”

However, the key to finding your solution may have already revealed itself to you.

If the idea that your thoughts and emotions play a role in how you experience pain seems hard to believe, consider this … .

You’ve Already Used Your Brain to Overcome Pain!

I’m betting you’ve had this experience more than once in your life.

You had severe back pain that was really bothering you…and suddenly you were distracted
and had to turn your attention elsewhere.

Maybe it was a phone call, something your child needed, a knock at the door, or you
spilled something and only had a few minutes to clean it up before guest arrived.

For several minutes your attention shifted abruptly from your back pain to the matter that
required your immediate attention.

Then, a few minutes later when the matter was handled you
suddenly realized … your back pain was gone!

Your focused turned away from your pain, so it was no longer fueled by your thoughts
… and it disappeared. Proof positive that when it comes to pain … your thoughts are

You Can Do This.
I'll Show You How.

The simple lesson within my back pain story is this ...

Don't underestimate the ability of your mind. You're more powerful than you think!

I believe this with all my heart, and I've made it my mission to completely change the approach you take to treating persistent pain. That's why I created my seven-week Reverse Pain Method program.

Your pain is real. But you don't have to suffer. Learn to decrease your pain and suffering by managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This program will show you how you can ..


assumptions about pain and develop a supportive inner dialogue


how to calm your nervous system and apply proven techniques that work


your brain, so pain is no longer present

Let's face it, it's hard NOT to focus on your pain when you've been told there is no hope for your condition.

This program is about a new beginning for you and a life beyond pain.

If your pain has persisted longer than you can remember, and if you've struggled to find a solution ...I want you to know with total confidence that through a simple natural process you have the ability to retrain your body and brain so that your pain halts and begins to reverse.

So, why should you allow me the privilege to lead you on this seven-week journey?

First and foremost, using natural methods to help thousands of people around the world live with less pain has been my passion and my single-minded focus. Now I want to help you.

I am a doctor of physical therapy and integrative pain expert who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues.

I am also host of The Healing Pain Podcast, which is changing the conversation around natural strategies toward solving persistent pain…and helping a lot of people

In addition, I am author of the #1 best selling book, Heal Your Pain Now: A Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life.

I am also Founder of the Integrative Pain Science Institute, which is dedicated to teaching contemporary pain science principles to practitioners who treat pain.

Currently, I run a private practice and over the last 20 years I’ve successfully treated thousands of patients who now lead active lives.

My purpose is to help as many people as I possibly can, and that’s why I’m so proud to share my seven-week, Reverse Pain Method online program with you.

“Dr. Joe Tatta has such a depth of wisdom about chronic pain and my patient population has really
appreciated his program, because he looks at pain in a way that I haven’t ever seen another clinician look
at. His approach is very complete and it’s very holistic.”

Dr Alejandra Carrasco

Retrain Your Brain to Release Pain from Your Body

Through The Reverse Pain Method you’ll learn about the proven, direct connection between your stress, pain, brain, thoughts, and emotions.

Over seven information-rich weeks, you’ll find out how to reduce the frequency and intensity of daily pain flare ups by learning to …

  • Think and react differently to stressful situations
  • Rebuild your emotional resiliency
  • Leverage new and promising cognitive and mindfulness techniques
  • Alleviate anxiousness and work through old trauma
  • Maintain a positive focus instead of being overwhelmed
  • Re-engage with what’s valuable in your life
  • Eliminate the feeling of being frighten by your pain

You are not broken…

With my personal guidance, you’ll find out how simple it can be to change negative thoughts and beliefs about pain that keep you stuck and seeing yourself as a “chronic pain,” “disabled,” or “ill person.”

When you create realistic new beliefs about your mind and body, you’re able to tap into the innate wisdom that empowers you to heal and thrive.

I will guide you and show you exactly how to do this!

“Dr Joe’s keen understanding of neurophysiology and how pain signaling occurs
helped me through his program, and figure out how to transform my
understanding of the pain, and the pain just lifted!”

Dr. Vincent Pedre

Putting Your Mind at Ease is
Key to Putting Your Pain at

Sometimes our inner voice can lead us in a direction that is slightly off course. When this happens, it can provoke powerful feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, panic and pain.

But, when you you become clear about the fact that your thoughts create feelings and behaviors, you then have the power to retake control over your wandering mind with coping statements that bring truth and positive thinking to the forefront. Put simply …

Your frame of mind plays an important role in how you feel.

We all know the feeling that comes with having a “racing” mind. If you you find you struggle with overwhelming thoughts, coping statements will help you reverse negative thinking.

And here’s the really good news: They’re easy to create and they don’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

Putting your mind at ease works hand in hand with putting your pain at ease. During our seven weeks
together, The Reverse Pain Method program will help you …

  • Release hidden or stuck emotions and feelings
  • Explore what you truly value in life and re-engage with it
  • Accept and commit to a process that facilitates a new life beyond pain
  • Practice forgiveness and loving kindness toward yourself and others
  • Develop the confidence to move past your pain challenges

Most important, you won’t be alone.

You’ll receive all the support you need as I personally guide you through each training session …and you’ll be supported by a powerful community who understand exactly what you are going through.

Dr. Joe helped me overcome excruciating back pain. I sit upwards of 10 hours a
day at work which was killing my back. His program was a life saver. I can now
get back to living an active life pain-free!

Greg W.

Week by Week - Here's What We'll Cover

The Reverse Pain Method program is a scientifically proven method to strengthen your mental and emotional skills that help reduce and reverse your pain experience.

You can even begin to decrease your pain after our first session!

During our seven weeks together, you’re going to learn a ton of vital skills and information that no one else has told you about.

Together we’ll form and build a collaborative working relationship toward your specific goals.

Together we’ll develop a strong therapeutic alliance as we work to solve your problem .

If you feel like the healthcare systems has left you behind, you’ve found a community where you’ll receive the information and inspiration you deserve.

Week by week, you’ll gain invaluable insights you need to …

  • Create new pain-free pathways in your brain
  • Prevent old pathways from turning back on – so you can live anew
  • Reverse pain and eliminate fear
  • Leverage your brain’s incredible capacity for healing
  • Take command of your mind so automatic negative thoughts no longer control you

You'll learn these skills as we work through the 7R Reverse Pain Method.

Week #1 – Relax

We’ll review the stress pain connection with a focus on how you respond to stress. I’ll explain how stress is related to your pain, and show you very powerful ways to decrease stress, so you feel better and avoid having stress drain your energy.

You’ll also learn the practice of deep relaxation for both your mind and body. In addition, I’ll show you how to manage stress in more manageable pieces, so it doesn’t overwhelm your nervous system and drain you.

You will sleep better, feel better
and have more energy.

Week #2 – Rethink

We’ll dive deep into the negative thoughts that surround your pain, and I’ll show you how to reframe your negative thinking into a more realistic, positive story about yourself.

By the end of this week you’ll realize what thoughts run through your subconscious mind about pain. You may be surprised when you learn what these subconscious thoughts are and how they affect your emotions and influence your physical response, which is pain.

You’ll learn to evaluate “What just went through my mind” when emotions shift or you sense a change in your physical body.

Week #3 – Recognize

We’ll explore and expose the half truths and myths you’ve been told about pain, such that it’s only physical and lacks an emotional component. Such false information ruined your confidence and damaged your belief system about your body’s natural resiliency.

Together, we’ll create new beliefs that help you shatter myths and cope with negative thoughts by replacing them with empowering, healthy ones.

I’ll help you develop realistic new beliefs and coping statements that better serve you and make you more resilient.

Week #4 – Recreate

People often become so wrapped up in their diagnosis that pain becomes their identity. They come to see themselves as a chronic pain, disabled, or ill person.

During week four, I’ll help you overcome these feelings by creating new, realistic beliefs about your mind and body that empower you to tap into your innate wisdom to heal and thrive.

I’ll give you the instruction you need to understand where it is, and know how to turn it on.

Week #5 – Restate

By week five your negative thoughts will no longer be on autopilot. You’ll have better control of your mind and emotions, so your pain experience doesn’t feel like it’s out of your control.

To support this, I will help develop a unique coping statement specific to your pain, so you can ward off negative thoughts or emotions that may enter your mind from time to time.

At the end of this session you will feel more in charge of your pain and your ability to do what is necessary to cope with it.

Week #6 – Rewrite

In week six you will take pen to paper to rewrite a new, positive story about yourself moving forward.

You’ll do this by using the proven power of expressive writing to confront emotions that are scary, overwhelming, or cause anxiety around your issues with pain.

I’ll teach you simple and effective techniques to write in a way that helps you release strong emotions, and traumatic experiences that have been entrenched in your brain, body, and nervous system for too long.

You will then be able to revisit and use this proven tool whenever you feel overcome by your emotions.

Week #7 – Re-engage

In week seven it all comes together as you learn how to re-engage with the world in a new way, and express what you want and what you need to those around you without apology or excuses.

By this point, you’ll feel very confident about what’s going on in your brain and your body. You’ll know what you need to put into your life, and take out of your life to reverse your pain and live with vitality.

I’ll help you develop a plan you can sustain for how to effectively engage and communicate with others now that you’ve taken greater control over your mind and body.

Week #8 – BONUS!

The Reverse Pain Method program is a seven-week course loaded with valuable information that will help you take control of your mind and body, reverse your pain …and change your life.

However, as a FREE bonus I want to provide you with an extra call during which I open up the phone lines for a comprehensive Q&A session.

This is a great opportunity to review your notes and the progress you made completing the course exercises …and then come forward with any questions you may have.

The questions you ask will benefit you and other course attendees. So I invite you to
Open up and come forward with honesty and courage.

Additional BONUS – The Spiritual Connection

There are different levels associated with pain—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

We can struggle with pain or we can move to a deeper level of healing by listening to the messages that it brings.

Many times our greatest growth periods come through the experience of our pain.

The Reverse Pain Method goes beyond just the mind-body connection. Instead, each week we expand our learning to include the mind-body-spirit connection.

Persistent pain can be a sign that there is still work to be done— on a deeper level.

Every pain program I’ve studied avoids this important aspect of your life, but I chose to embrace it when I created The Reverse Pain Method.

My belief is when you get in touch with the spiritual aspect of your health now, you’ll be able to
connect to and transform your life and be guided by enormous wisdom and insight.

Sometimes we have to experience the contrast of darkness in order to find the light.

So rather than wait until the last minutes of your life to connect with the spiritual aspect of your health — we are going to touch on it throughout our seven weeks together, so you can reverse your pain challenges from a place of …

  • Clarity
  • Presence
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Joy
  • Service
  • Love

“I have a lot of patients dealing with chronic pain, and what I love about Dr. Joe
Tatta’s program is that he has a natural approach to dealing with chronic,
terrible, debilitating pain. A lot of my patients, including my Dad, have received
incredible benefits going through Dr. Joe Tatta’s program.”

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Register Now and Receive $1,100 in SAVINGS

The Reverse Pain Method is a highly innovative program that contains proven information that hardly anyone is
talking about. You’ll receive the insights and mental tools you need to …

  • Reverse your chronic pain
  • Experience less fear of movement and more joy
  • Find a place of peace and calm with less stress
  • Get back to a vibrant, pain-free lifestyle
  • Identify the root of your pain problems and solve them – instead of band aiding symptoms
  • Put an end to pain medication routines

Most important, you’ll be able to envision a fresh, exciting new life story
for yourself and live it to the fullest

It is my sincere intention to make this one-of-a-kind program accessible to as many people as possible — so that
more people living with pain can receive the guidance, help, and support they deserve.

This is why I’m fully committed to providing you with the greatest possible value when you invest in The Reverse Pain Method program.

However, based on today’s standards for such mentoring, you would pay more than $5,000 for this information.

And, you wouldn’t have the community support that comes with interacting with fellow course participants.

The need for people to receive this seven-week training cannot be overstated when you consider the physical and emotional damage today’s pain medication addiction epidemic is having on people’s lives.

This is why I believe sincerely that as many people as possible
should receive this innovative training for
MUCH LESS than my $5,000 one-on-one mentoring cost.

So, to make it available to as many people as I can, you can now register for The Reverse Pain Method seven-week program for only $597.

This is an exceptional value when you consider the tremendous life benefits that come with …

  • Reversing your pain
  • Enjoying much more freedom of movement
  • Knowing you have have greater control of your mind – and therefore your pain
  • Feeling that you are now back in control of your destiny

However, since you are one of the first people to commit to The
Reverse Pain Method, I want to make this seven-week program even
more accessible to you. So if you …

Register for The Reverse Pain Program

by midnight Pacific Time on November 13th, 2017,
you can participate in this groundbreaking program for

ONLY $297

That’s an instant SAVINGS OF $300

PLUS, when you register for The Reverse Pain Method program you’ll receive the following FREE BONUS VIDEO INTERVIEWS with a combined VALUE OF $600

Each interview is an in-depth discussion that features myself and
three of today’s most respected wellness experts.

Video 1: Dr. Joan Rosenberg, PhD
The Pain-Emotion Connection (A $200 value)

A California-licensed psychologist, Dr. Rosenberg speaks and trains on topics such as how to build confidence, high self-esteem, core emotional strength, resilience, emotional mastery, neuroscience and psychotherapy.

Video 2: Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD
The Missing Link to Health (A $200 value)

With a Master’s Degree in physical therapy and Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Lombardo’s mission is to help people before they need the proverbial shrink couch. NBA Champion Shaquille O’Neal says, “Dr. Lombardo is my head coach for happiness.”

Video 3: Niki Gratrix
The Role Of Emotional Trauma in
Chronic Pain Conditions (A $200 value)

Niki Gratrix is an award-winning, internationally renowned registered nutritionist and health writer who specializes in stress and mind-body medicine and adverse childhood experiences.


you’ll automatically become part of my exclusive Facebook Group where you can interact with fellow program participants, and have me answer your questions directly. (An EXTRA $200 value!)

Register for The Reverse Pain Program

by midnight Pacific Time on November 13th, 2017,
you can participate in this groundbreaking program for

ONLY $297

You’ll SAVE $1,100 with your
immediate discount and FREE BONUSES!

“.. Dr. .Joe has taught me to understand my body rather than to chase the pain that has plagued me for
decades. He has given me a progressive series of uncomplicated techniques that improved my life. As a
result, I am stronger, more flexible, and out of pain… ”

Sarah O.

I truly want to make The Reverse Pain Method program available to as many people as possible. You deserve to know how you can tap into the innate wisdom you have to release your pain, so you can live your life to the fullest.

That’s what our seven weeks together will be all about!

Again, when you consider it would cost more than $5,000 to learn this vital information few people know about through one-to-one mentoring sessions with me …

…Your overall savings is considerable.

Pain doesn’t have to be central to who you are, and it doesn’t have to have such a strong influence in how you experience the world and interact with others.

Within you is the innate power to release your pain, and create a new life story. I invite you to join me on this eye-opening journey as I show you exactly how to do this.

A lot of people are going to benefit from The Reverse Pain Method. I sincerely hope you’ll be one of them.

To Your Health!

Dr. Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, CNS

P.S. Again, in addition to your FREE bonuses and immediate savings, The Reverse Pain Method program includes a FREE Q&A bonus week during which I’ll answer all your questions!

“Dr. Joe has integrated information that is extraordinary, to help people heal their pain without using
pharmaceuticals. He’s brilliant in how he really understands the science and how he helps people
understand solutions to their pain. It’s going to change the face of medicine.”

Dr. Ann Shippy

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